Children's Growth Groups

As children continue to grow in body, mind and spirit, they begin to ask, "Who am I?" "Where do I belong?" "How can I relate to God?" Children's GROWTH Groups seek to give them a safe place to wrestle with these questions and find answers based on the biblical story. During this sacred hour, children will build their Bible knowledge, apply spiritual truths to their lives and strengthen their friendships with their peers and caring adults. All children's growth groups for 1st-5th grade meet on the second floor of the youth and children's building.

1st Grade
Teressa Lambright

2nd Grade
Phyllis Spearman and Susan Whitlock

3rd Grade
Ann Kincaid, Stephanie Mann and Marlene Chapman

4th Grade
Murray & Martha Hughes and Roxanne Green

5th Grade
Mary K Bryan


Children’s Growth Group Director
Trish Barrett



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