First Baptist Church
300 East First Avenue
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August 7 -11, 2017
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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In this year’s ARTS Camp every camper will be working on the children’s musical, Elijah, by Mark Patterson. We will be presenting this musical on the last day of camp. It is important that every camper attend all of the four days of classes and the final day of rehearsal/production. Parents, family, and friends will be invited to the show on Friday.

Every ARTS camper will be enrolled in Choir during the First Class Session.

Some of the classes that are offered during the Second and Third Class Session will contribute to the musical that the children will present on Friday. However, the vast majority of the 24 classes offered simply allow the children to explore the many ways they can use their gifts and interests to learn more about, share, and worship God. He is the author of all good gifts and we want to teach the children to use them for His glory.

Campers need to register for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of classes for the Second and Third Class Sessions. Each class has a limit; therefore you may receive your 2nd or 3rd choice if your first choice is closed. We will remove classes as they fill up.

Click or mouse over the classes to see a description!!

Second Session Offerings

Watercolor Painting Participants will learn basic watercolor techniques and will complete three paintings (Wash Background, Object, Landscape).
Painting with Tempera Children will learn to paint sill life and landscapes using tempera.
Peg People Participants will paint their own wooden peg people and be able to start a collection which may be taken home at the end of the week.
Jewelry Making Students will use a variety of beads and techniques to make their own earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.
Knitting for Beginners (Completed 3rd Grade Only) This is a basic learn-how-to-knit class. Beginners will learn the basics of casting on, knitting, and purling at the basic level. Students will select and begin a basic garment.
Junkyard Percussion This class is designed to help children discover the joy of creating music using homemade or found instruments to do so. In the process of making music, participants will learn and enhance their rhythm skills and percussion techniques. The class will also explore different timbres and will uncover the many sounds that junkyard instruments can make. Junkyard Percussion will be the most fun you’ve ever had making music!
Recorder for Advanced Beginners (Completed 3rd Grade Only) The class is designed for 3rd graders who are ready to move forward with their recorder. Students will review basic notation, basic rhythms and techniques and then move on to ensemble playing. Recorders will be provided for the students in this class.
Drama The Drama class is designed only for those students who auditioned and were assigned a dramatic part in the musical to be presented on Friday. During this class, the children will polish their lines, learn their blocking, and prepare for the presentation of Elijah on Friday. This class is only offered during the Second Session and is suitable for grades 1 – 5. Auditions are July 24-25. Be sure to indicate your interest in auditioning for drama parts and solo parts when you register online.

Second or Third Session Offerings

Folded Paper Art Children will make folded note cards using a variety of papers and ribbons using a folding technique.
Funky Fish Wind Chimes/Drumming The Funky Fish Wind Chimes portion of this class will meet on Monday and Tuesday only and will allow students to create a fused glass fish wind chime by using a variety of colored art glass and various glass cutting techniques.
On Wednesday and Thursday, children in this class will move from a visual art to a performing art form. In the Drumming portion of this class, children will explore the art of drumming and put their rhythmic skills to work in making exciting music.
Origami Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. ORI means to fold and KAMI means paper. This ancient art form will be taught to children as they learn to create beautiful paper animals and other objects.
SWAG (Saved with Amazing Grace) This high energy movement class is designed for children who have completed grades 1-5. The class will teach children how to use their bodies, instruments, dowel rods, glow sticks, and other props to develop spiritual growth. Please ensure that your child wear tennis shoes and clothing appropriate for lots of movement each day.
Piecing Together (Quilting) Students will work together to create an original quilt to donate to The Dream Center in Easley. Each child will also make an individual, framed quilt block to take home.
Movement With Meaning Children in this class will learn that their bodies can be used to express their worship to God. Using contemporary music, children will begin to explore movement that conveys their love for God.

Third Session Offerings

Beading Participants will learn basic techniques in beading and complete 4 projects (Cross, sun catcher, ornament, and backpack tag). Suitable for both boys and girls.
Acrylic Dandelion Painting This class will work with various techniques for using paint to create artistic images of dandelions.
Choreography for Children This class is designed to teach a small group of children choreography 1 or 2 specific songs that will be used in the camp musical presentation on Friday.
Poetry This class is an introduction to poetry that will teach them how to write poems in different styles and with various techniques.

Do you want to audition for a drama part and/or musical solo part? If so, check one or both you want to audition for.
You must be available to audition Monday or Tuesday, July 24-25. Children who indicate an interest will be notified about a specific audition time.:
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