Fall Retreat is always a special time of spiritual growth for our student ministry. We will use this weekend to reflect upon our relationship with Jesus Christ and seek to grow deeper in relationship with him. If we are rooted in our faith, we will inevitably produce fruit for Jesus Christ. We will grow deeper through individual quiet time, family group Bible study, amazing worship, and fellowship with one another.


September 29 - October 1, 2017


Awanita Valley
Christian Retreat Center in Marietta, SC

Cell Phones

Cell Phones are allowed on Fall Retreat. However, reception is virtually non-existent at Awanita Valley. Please do not depend on being able to call your students regularly or at all for that matter. If you desire to call your student see the info below about who to call.

While on Fall Retreat we are asking that students keep their cell phones during their rooms unless it is Free Time. They can then take them out to take pictures. We will not allow students to have cell phones out during Quiet Time, Family Group Time, or Worship. That is why it is so important that each student bring a real Bible. Thank you for your support in this matter!

If you are asking "How can I contact my student in case of an emergency?" Since cell phone reception at Awanita Valley is virtually nonexistent ,if you need to get in touch with your student you can call their office at 864-836-3956. If you call outside of business hours, they will give you another number to call.

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