Everyone gathering

Welcome to Easley First Baptist. We hope you'll take the opportunity to visit with us in person for worship and Bible study. One of the best ways to get to know us is through our growth group ministry. Through growth groups you'll be able to study God's word, fellowship with believers, and reach out to one another. Everyone needs a family who knows them by name. We'd like to invite you to be a part of the family of God right here at Easley First Baptist. Ours is not a perfect church; however, we do know the One who is perfect -- our greatest desire is to focus on Him and to honor Him. He is the head of this church. We hope to meet you this Sunday.

Who We Are

Our goal as a family of faith is to have “Everyone Gathering! Everyone Growing! Everyone Going!”

  • In “Everyone Gathering,” we see every family member truly and deeply engaging in corporate worship on a weekly basis!
  • In “Everyone Growing,” we desire for every family member to commit to weekly small group Bible Study and discipleship.
  • In “Everyone Going,” we envision every family member connecting daily with a mission to our community, our nation, and God’s world.

This is a God-sized vision. It will take all of the family working together. It will take a lot of intentional planning and determination. It will take the Spirit of God transforming us into the very body of Christ.

Everyone is invited to Gather at the table of Christ; to Grow as we’re nourished; and to Go out to invite others to come to this life-giving table.

Our History