Adult Growth Groups

The following list is designed to help you get a feel for where you might best fit in to one of GROWTH Groups. When we focus on bringing our lives under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, we realize that we grow in community. Our small group ministries through Sunday School are designed to provide you will a safe, loving place where you can seek God's Spirit and purpose in Christian community. Feel free to visit several classes. Sunday GROWTH Groups begin each Sunday at 9:00am. Stop by the church welcome center for assistance in locating the class of your choice. Other GROWTH Groups are offered at different times during the week to fit your schedule.

Young Professionals Group (Room 209)

Burris and Miriam Nelson

The Young Professionals class is an energetic community of couples ranging from 20-40, who may have elementary age children. The Young Families Class is involved in numerous ministries of Easley First Baptist, including: Operation Christmas Child, Extended Teaching Care, Vacation Bible School, deacons, and choirs. They have active InReach, OutReach, Missions, and Crisis Committees. The group plans fellowships about once a month: Boys, Girls, and Couples Nights Out, and family outings to the lake. The Young Professionals group uses special book studies and occasionally uses Formations literature.

From the first day we visited the Young Professionals Growth Group, we knew we had found the ideal complement to our worship service time. Our class enjoys candid discussions about scripture and daily life applications, with a healthy side of laughter. We don't always agree but our differing ideas challenge us to examine scripture - and ourselves - from a different perspective. And sometimes, when all you need is an "I love you," you can find that, too.

Brad & Katherine Elrod

Explorers Group (Room 206)

Elizabeth Armstrong

This group focuses on studying books of the Bible. They use Explore the Bible curriculum by LifeWay. Each quarter they dive into a different book of the Bible to gain greater understanding of the Bible in its historical context and communicating its wisdom for the modern world. They also have quarterly breakfast socials and get togethers outside the church. They participate in several missions projects throughout the year including but not limited to assisting with meals for Family Promise, College student care packages, and toys for the Santa Shoppe at the Dream Center.

Endeavor Group (Room 104)

Allen Cooper & Tony Imms

College & Career (Conference Room)

John & Donna Adams

Believing God (Room 105)

Betty Roe

This Growth Group is my refuge. It is comprised of the most caring, loving and supportive Christian friends to be found.

Ben Barrett

The Fresh Spirit Group (Room 201)

Ben Barrett and Marsha Robertson

The couples in this dynamic community are in the 45-55 age range. Their children are either teens or are grown and out of the house. They use Formations curriculum and frequently adopt special book studies. Fresh Spirit is involved in various ministries throughout the church, especially United Christian Ministries and Meals on Wheels.

The Genesis Group (Room 207)

Doug Thompson

This group is involved in various ministries around the church, including: adopting a family at Christmas; providing financial support for Basketball Camp; and serving in our Children's Ministry. This loving community of couples varies in age from 30-50. Children of these couples vary in age from elementary to high school. The group uses various resources for Bible study.

His Hands Group (Room 205)

Andy Hunter

This GROWTH Group is a fun and inviting group, ranging in age from 35-50. Children of these couples vary in age from elementary to college. Andy uses the Formations curriculum. The group is involved in several ministries, including Bread of Life Ministries.

Moorhead/McCall Group (Room 203)

Tom Garrick

This loving small group is interested in Bible Study that utilizes directed discussion and class participation. The couples in this small group have a great time studying and serving together. They study Formations curriculum and are active in ministries throughout the church, especially SHINE, Basketball Camp, and 567 Club. The couples in this group are in their 50s and 60s.

We are family! We look out for each other, study God's word, fellowship together and serve the church and others in many ways. Come join our family..

Elizabeth Hill

The Marion Moorhead Group (Room 208)

Doyle Kay & Walt Pace

The Marion Moorhead group is a fun, welcoming community of couples 55 and above. They study Formations curriculum and are involved in a large variety of ministries inside and outside the church, including SHINE, Basketball Camp, and special needs outreach projects.

The Don Jones Group (Room 204)

Patt Butts

Couples Serving Christ is a group you'll continually hear about. The members of this community are constantly talking about their desire to study the Bible – they cannot wait for 9:00 on Sunday morning. These couples are generally 55 and above. They use Formations curriculum, but frequently adopt special book studies. They are involved in ministries such as SHINE and Meals on Wheels.

I can't tell you how much the Freeman Class has meant to me. They are the most caring, loving group I have ever been associated with. Our teacher Melba Eason is unbelievable. She is the most awesome teacher I have ever had. She spends hours on her lesson each Sunday Morning and she is definitely one of the most spiritual person I have ever known. She is always there for every lady in our class.

Linda Ballard

The Freeman Group (Atrium A)

Melba Eason

The Freeman group is a lady's group, varying in age from 70-85. The class uses Senior Adult Bible Study For Life curriculum. Each Fall, the group members participate in an indepth Bible study in a retreat setting, studying topics of great interest to them (The Names of God, Daniel, Revelation, Discipleship, & Aspects of Worship). The Freeman group is involved in the Hospice Thrift Shop, Nursing Home Ministries, and United Christian Ministries.

The E.R. Eller Group (Scout Room)

Doyle Kelley, Joe Burgess, and Rob Gaut

E.R. Eller is a men's group, varying in age from 45-80. The group uses Senior Adult Bible Study For Life curriculum and is involved in many ministries of the church, including Prison Ministry, Helping the Needy, and 567 Club..

The Elizabeth Group (Room 101)

Cindy Hunter & Betty Hill

The Elizabeth Group is a lady's group, 55 and above. They study Senior Adult Bible Study For Life curriculum and are active in various ministries of the church, including 567 Club and Joyce Smith Ministry.

The R.C. McCall - Coley Cleveland Group (Room 103)

Milton Ponder, Tommy Clayton & Bob Gartman

R.C. McCall is a men's Group, varying in age from 75-95. The group uses Senior Adult Bible Study For Life curriculum and is involved in ministries throughout the church, especially the Davis Benevolent Fund and SHINE.

Learning experience and a wonderful group of people.

The Philathea Group (Room 108)

Marilyn Dailey

The Philathea Group is a lady's group, typically ranging from 70-80. The group studies Senior Adult Bible Study For Life curriculum and is involved in Meals on Wheels, Samaritan Alliance, and United Christian Ministries.