Worship has always been a priority for the Christian church for it leads us into an encounter with the Living God. From this encounter, both individuals and the congregation must respond to the love of God. At First Baptist Church, we believe that our response cannot, nor should it be confined only to what happens in the sanctuary on the Lord’s Day. Worship is the centrifuge that spins us out into a world dying to find and know the love of God.

Through music, prayers, drama, the preaching of God’s Word, and occasionally even through sacred dance, we work to make the worship encounter relevant. We have chosen not to focus on any particular style of worship, but instead strive to make our worship creative and engaging.

We express our adoration of God through all styles of music. This variety, we believe, allows us to worship in one morning worship service without being divided by stylistic lines.

Opportunities for Worship

  • Sunday Morning Worship – 10:15 am in the sanctuary, 1st Kids Worship
  • Sunday Evening Worship – 6:00 pm (seasonal) in the sanctuary
  • Wednesday Evening Bible Study – 6:00 – 6:45 pm in the sanctuary
  • Wednesday Evening Youth Worship – 5:47 – 7:00pm

Special Seasonal Worship

Ash Wednesday Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 6pm
Lent & Easter February 14 - April 1, 2018
All Saints Day(celebrated in service) Sunday, November 4
Advent December 2 - December 25
Christmas Eve Service Sunday, December 24