Virtual Children’s Choirs – Fall 2020

The challenges of COVID-19 have been both a hardship and a springboard for creativity. After much prayer and planning, we have decided to continue our music teaching and spiritual training through must by way of a series of virtual children’s choir lessons this fall. We have nearly 30 children who are planning to participate. Anyone is welcome to join us. There will be one lesson each week through December 9. These weekly lessons will be available each Wednesday at 5:00 pm and afterwards. You may access the lesson here or on our newly developed Facebook page: EFBC Children's Choirs.

For those who have already registered or who register quickly, we have a bag of instruments for you to use during these lessons. If you have not yet registered, you may do so by clicking here: Children's Choir Survey. We believe that the investments we make in the lives of our children are eternal. Thank you for sharing this vision and participating in our Virtual Children’s Choir this fall.

Children's Music Ensembles

The Music Ministry of First Baptist Church is a large, inter-generational program devoted to equipping disciples to use their musical talents and interests to serve the church and the Kingdom of God. Music is a vehicle through which persons of all ages may find opportunities for worship, education, fellowship, and service. In short, music is an "instrument" through which we are able to experience each of these in the body of Christ.

The emphasis of EFBC's Graded Choir Program is primarily education. As they learn about music, they also learn about God and the faith community. Weekly rehearsals and singing time in the graded choir program provides an introductory experience in learning to use music as a tool of worship and praise. It's a great way to sing and share God's love and learn age-appropriate spiritual and musical concepts.

Children's Choirs

This is a beginning choir for children in K4-K5. Under the direction of Anna Poole, these children establish a strong foundation in music. They not only learn how to sing, but why we sing. Children are also given the chance to play musical instruments as they experience steady beat and continue to develop coordination skills. Children take their first steps in learning to read musical notation.

Director: Anna Poole

Meets at 6:00 pm in Music Suite/Room 112.

This choir is for children in grades 1-2. Music Makers continue to develop musically. Adding more advanced concepts to what they have already learned, they learn more about diction, they expand their singing range, and grow in their understanding of the role music plays in worship. The opportunity to play musical instruments adds variety and beauty to the songs they lead in worship.

Director: Carol Bray

Meets at 6:00 pm in Music Suite/Room 114

This choir is for children in grades 3-5 and is our premiere worship leadership choir for children. Under the direction of Meg Boyles, the children have the chance to master their God-given instrument: their voice. They spend much more time preparing for worship leadership as they add more complex music (2 and even 3 part singing) to their repertoire. Because they now understand the role music plays in worship, they are able to sing more sensitively. Of course, as they begin to study music history and church history, they also continue to learn more advanced musical concepts.

Director:  Meg Boyles

Meets at 6:00 p.m. in Music Suite/Room 113

Student Handbell Choirs

An introductory ensemble for children in grades 2-3 where ringers learn techniques for ringing hand chimes, learn to read music on a staff, and musical notation.

Director: Rick Baumgarner

Meets at 3:00 pm in the Music Suite