Family Promise is a nonprofit organization committed to helping low-income families achieve lasting independence. Family Promise enables churches and volunteers to meet homeless families’ immediate needs for shelter, meals, and comprehensive support services. Easley First Baptist hosts families 4 times a year. During their time here we provide lodging, three meals daily(unless otherwise specified), and hospitality. The following information includes our schedule for 2019, information about training and the link to sign-up when our hosting is approaching. If you have any questions, contact the church office.

Schedule for Family Promise

2018 Schedule for Family Promise

Volunteer training

In order to be trained, you need to check out a DVD from the church library, watch and return.

Current Sign up Link for upcoming Family Promise week

Our next hosting is May 5-11. 2019. Click here to sign up for meals or overnight hosting


I feel that Family Promise is one of our best missions at EFBC. It provides a temporary place for these families to feel safe and cared about. Spending the night at the church with them has offered me a chance to be close and have conversations with the children, as well as the adults. I appreciate this opportunity be a small part of and hopefully help these families on their journey toward independence. I also hope these families will remember that they are loved by our church family, but more importantly, I want them to see God through our actions.

Trish Barrett

Family Promise meets a growing homelessness need in our county. Volunteering as an overnight host is an easy, but needed and worthwhile service for our church and community. The families have all been gracious, loving, and thankful. I encourage you to serve with a friend!

Neal Collins

As Christians, we are called to serve. One way to serve is through staying as an overnight host with Family Promise. This is an easy way to serve while sleeping. It is a great way to meet new folks that are trying to help themselves. It is very inspiring to me to see how these families are building for a better tomorrow..

Patrick Rivers


Being a part of the Family Promise ministry has afforded us the opportunity to make an imprint on families who in turn have impacted our lives . We feel an important link to other churches in the county as we are working together to make a difference in our community one family at a time.

Mike & Anne Marie Parrott

I have had the joy of working in the Family Promise ministry at EFBC in a variety of ways. I highly recommend that you prayerfully consider spending the night with our families. It is the easiest part of the ministry and it allows you to interact with the families in a more relaxed environment. I took my daughter Elliott with me and she had a great time playing computer games with the kids. We got a good night's sleep and a quick breakfast before saying goodbyes.

Andy Hunter

Fresh Spirit Growth Group is always looking for projects to help the less fortunate. When Mike Parrott presented the Family Promise opportunity to the class, everyone was immediately on board. Our class has provided the Thursday night meal for the families that our church hosts each quarter. We typically choose a local restaurant to meet and eat. This event has not only allowed us to show our love and compassion to these families, it has brought our Growth Group closer together. We have been blessed by this project and hopefully we have shown God’s love to the families involved.

Ben Barrett, Member of Fresh Spirit Growth Group

Serving as an Overnight Host for Family Promise was such an easy way to show support for these families. It allowed me to actually spend time with them at the end of day and fellowship on a different level. The first time I volunteered, I was a little skeptical about the inconvenience/awkwardness of staying overnight. Once I arrived, got settled in and met the family, every single doubt I had immediately turned into a blessing for me!

Lisa Campbell