We are excited for you to become involved in a growth group here at EFBC. We want everyone growing! Click on the class names below to read a description of each one and respond at the bottom.

Looking for a place to invest in the lives of a few over time so they can build authentic faith?

  • Energetic Music
  • Exciting Games
  • Incredible Bible Stories
  • Interactive Faith Building

Come be a part of our Children’s Ministry Growth Groups and watch God work!

The Youth Growth Groups take time to answer the “big questions” students ask today. Our focus is honest conversation while experiencing the love of God. Our classes are for 6th-12th grade. We meet on the 3rd floor of the youth and children building.

Meets in Room 107

Taught by: Allen Cooper & Tony Imms

We use various resources for Bible study including Christian classics. A primary focus of this group involves how to faithfully apply Biblical principles in the context of this this postmodern world. (James 1:2-5) We are always looking to get involved with ministry/mission opportunities such as Samaritan's Purse, Hope International, and Family Promise.

Meets in Room 206

Taught by: Elizabeth Armstrong

We focus on studying books of the Bible utilizing the Explore the Bible curriculum. We dive into a book of the Bible to gain greater understanding of the Bible in its historical context. We seek to apply its wisdom for our lives. We have quarterly breakfast socials and get-togethers during the week. We participate in several mission projects throughout the year; such as Family Promise, college student care packages, and the Santa Shoppe at the Dream Center.

Meets in the Conference Room

Taught by: John & Donna Adams

BreakOUT is a gathering of college and young professionals who seek to apply God’s Word to the situations in life that confront us.pray for one another and get together for fellowship.make it a point to engage in ministries and missions within our church.

Meets in Room 209

Taught by: Burris Nelson

We are an energetic community of couples (ages 20 -40), who may have elementary age children. We engage in missions; Operation Christmas Child, Extended Teaching Care, Vacation Bible School, deacons, and choirs. We care deeply for each other, and we get together for frequent fellowships: Boys, Girls, and Couples Nights Out, and family outings to the lake. The Young Professionals group uses special book studies and occasionally uses Formations literature.

Meets in Room 105

Taught by: Betty Roe

We are a group of adults (ages 50 to 80) committed to serving and studying God’s Word. We have couples as well as those who attend without their spouse.class gives regularly to missions through United Christian Ministries and other opportunities cited by class members.collect toys for and work in the Santa Shoppe at the Dream Center. We have purchased a well last year through Water of Life.enjoy fellowship with each other throughout the year. We use Explore the Bible for our curriculum in order to aid us in faithful discipleship. Through prayer time we share our lives with each other in order to bond us closer together as a small group.

Meets in Room 201

Taught by: Ben Barrett and Marsha Robertson

We are couples (ages 45+) whose children are either teens or are grown adults. We use Formations curriculum and frequently adopt special book studies. We are involved in various ministries throughout the church, especially United Christian Ministries and Meals on Wheels.

Meets in Room 207

Taught by: Rodney Rogers

We are a loving group of couples (ages 30 to 60). We use a spectrum of resources in order to engage in Bible Study. We are involved in various ministries and missions sponsored by our church; including adopting a family at Christmas, providing financial support for Basketball Camp, and serving in our Children's and Youth Ministries.

Meets in Room 205

Taught by: Andy Hunter

We are a fun and inviting group (ages 35-55). Children of these couples vary in age from elementary to college. We use the Formations curriculum. We are involved in several ministries, including Bread of Life Ministries.

Meets in Room 101

Taught by: Mark & Christy Hansen

The Young Adult Couples Growth Group is intended for dating, engaged or recently married couples under age 30. This class meets at 8:30 am every Sunday. We will begin studying books of the Bible, starting with Acts but are open to addressing other topics of interest from a Biblical perspective. We are looking forward to regular fellowship opportunities as well as at least one mission opportunity per year.

Meets in Room 203

Taught by: Ralph Bryan, Tom Garrett, Tom Hill, Eric Seymore

We are couples (ages 55 and above) who are interested in Bible Study that utilizes directed discussion and class participation. We enjoy studying God’s Word and serving together. We study Formations curriculum and are active in ministries throughout the church, especially SHINE, Basketball Camp, and 567 Club.

Meets in Room 208

Taught by: Doyle Kay & Walt Pace

The Marion Moorhead group is a fun, welcoming community of couples 55 and above. They study Formations curriculum and are involved in a large variety of ministries inside and outside the church, including SHINE, Basketball Camp, and special needs outreach projects.

Meets in Room 204

Taught by: Pat Butts

We are couples (ages 55 and above) who enjoy studying the Bible. We cannot wait for 9:00 AM on Sunday morning. We use Formations curriculum, but frequently adopt special book studies. We are involved in ministries such as SHINE and Meals on Wheels.

Meets in Atrium A

Taught by: Melba Eason

We are a ladies' group (all ages welcome). The curriculum used is Bible Study for Life. Special studies are done throughout the year, centered on growing in the Spiritual Disciplines. Special guests are invited during these times. We are a strong supporter of local and foreign missions.

Meets in Room 204

Taught by: Doyle Kelley, Joe Burgess, and Rob Gaut

We are a Men’s group (ages 60 and above). Our Bible Study curriculum is Senior Adult Bible Studies for Life. We believe weekly group Bible Study is a necessary ingredient toward aiding spiritual growth in order to transform knowledge into application. Our group is involved in individual ministries such as Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Shoeboxes, supporting Boy Scout Troop 37, and Christmas gifts to all of our shut-ins.Other ministries are addressed as well.

Meets in Room 108

Taught by: Cindy Hunter & Betty Hill

We are a welcoming and caring group of ladies. We enjoy Biblical teaching, fellowship (during the daylight) and are mission minded. We are a main coordinator for Samaritan’s Shoeboxes for the church, support a deaf ministry in New Mexico, and support bereavement meals for the church.

Meets in Room 103

Taught by: Tommy Clayton & Milton Ponder

We are a Men’s group (ages 75-95). WE use Senior Adult Bible Studies for Life series curriculum We.are involved in ministries and missions throughout the church, especially the Davis Benevolent Fund, SHINE, and the 567 Club missions organization for young boys.

Meets in Room 108

Taught by: Marilyn Dailey, Pam Jetton, and Sharon James

We are a class for women. Our name suggests our mission: to provide a loving, accepting, and caring sisterhood of believers who want to grow deeper in Christ. We seek to make the Scriptural text practical and applicable, "to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised Him from the dead" (Philippians 3:10 NLT).seek outreach through our giving to several para-church organizations as well as through personal friendship evangelism.Although several of our members are now homebound, they continue to be a part of our class in this loving bond.

Meets in Atrium B

Taught by: Miriam Nelson and Amy Linsz

Open Door is not your typical growth group but rather a 'Come One, Come All.' We are multi-aged from mid-30s-80s, single/married, male/female. We gather on Sunday mornings to study God's word and worship our Father, as well as, build community within our class. We grow by sharing, encouraging, and supporting each other. We believe fellowship keeps us close so we plan monthly activities such as going to dinner, picnics, and even have a trip planned in the fall to see the replica of Noah's Ark. We go by serving others in our community and sharing Christ. We have been involved with the Dream Center, Salvation Army, missions, etc.

Meets in the Connecting Point. (Taught in American Sign Language)

Taught by: Joyce Smith

Growing in our knowledge of the scripture; studying from the Bible and quarterlies written for the Deaf.

Leaders: Dot Brady, Bobbie Brogdon, Doug Massey

We go to different Nursing Homes in our community during our Growth Group hour (9 a.m.) in order to study the Word of God and to sing the songs of the faith with the residents. Come and join us!


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